How to Drink Wine: It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

They say to drink wine is to drink from the cup of life. No, seriously, research shows that drinking wine actually allows for a longer lifespan. And if we didn’t know some truths about its origin, we’d be convinced that wine was sent straight from the Gods themselves. Having clicked on this article, you must surely agree. But, how much do you know about your favorite bottle of fermented fruit? 

Wine has a history so rich you can taste it. And, it’s only fair that we honor this drink by knowing where it comes from and pairing it well. Read below as we take you ‘wine tasting’ and tell the tall tales of red, white, and blush wine. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real wine involved, but feel free to sip on a glass as you read. (We certainly are!)

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How to Drink Wine: Let’s Talk About Wine Types!

Red Wine 101: The Blood of The Grape

Superstition in its resemblance to blood led Ancient Egyptians to believe that red wine had the power to resurrect and promote healing. This doesn’t sound very different from the effects we seek as we drink wine in the present day. 

History of Red Wine:

It is believed that the creation of red wine dates back to 6000 BC. After our ancestors gave up their Nomadic lifestyles, they had more stability and time to experiment with drinks. During this period, and as its inception made its way around the world, a distant cousin of the wine we know today was created. 

Apparently, we’d have to dig up the Earth’s most concealed caves to even come close to pinpointing the origin of red wine. Mankind’s greatest attempt thus far was the archaeological discovery of Arena-1 in Armenia. It is believed to be the oldest wine cellar in the world. 

How to Drink Red Wine:

Truly savoring red wine takes some practice, but here are a few tips to help get you started: 

  • Always read the label. Taking a closer look at the wine bottle will provide you with a ton of information you never knew you needed. 
  • Red wine is best drunk in wine glasses with large, rounded bowls. 
  • Once poured, gently swirl the wine in your wine glass to get a better feel of its ‘body.’
  • Stick your nose (not your face, as tempting as it may be) into the glass to smell the wine’s aromas. 
  • Do not swallow your first sip right away; let it roll around so you can determine its ‘notes,’ and then, finally, let it go down. 
  • The aftertaste that lingers on your pallet will be the telling characteristic of your red.  

What Red Wine Pairs Well With:

Red wine will always make the winter dishes you look forward to even more delectable. 

Pair red wine with your:  

  • Pasta
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Red Meat 
  • Pizza 
  • Roast Chicken/Turkey
How to Drink Wine: Up close glasses of red wine with glasses of white wine in the background

White Wine 101: A New Groove

The inception of white wine dates back around 3000 BC, as the removal of grape skins gave birth to the colorless vino we enjoy today. 

History of White Wine:

The Greeks deserve our thanks for giving us the gift of delectable dry whites. After Phoenicians introduced them to the joys of wine, they learned how to separate their reds and their whites. Wine eventually gained religious status as many Greecians referred to it as ‘the juice of the Gods’ (see?, even the Greeks agree with us!). 

It was then consumed to achieve clarity of the mind and partake in philosophical conversations. Today, Greece is still known for its indistinguishable dry white wines. And to that, you may raise your glass and ‘cheers.’

How to Drink White Wine:

If you take away anything from this article, let it be that white wine is not supposed to be served ice cold, even if our Drinkable Gifts Brand Manager Shannon Youngblood, vehemently disagrees!. And on that ‘note’ follow these tips on how to drink white wine the right way: 

  • Drinking guidelines for white wine are similar to that of red wine. 
  • Let your bottle reach a temperature of 45-50 degrees before opening. That’s cool enough to enjoy its crisp taste but also warm enough to experience its aromas. 
  • Use a wine glass with a narrow mouth, and always hold it at the stem to keep your wine cool for longer. 

What White Wine Pairs Well With:

You didn’t hear it from us, but you can pretty much pair white wine with anything. However, you should at least learn the rules before you break them: 

Pair white wine with your: 

  • Fish
  • Shrimp 
  • Lobster 
  • Roast Pork 
  • Salads
Rose wine glass with bottle on pink bakcground. Rosado, rosato or blush wine tasting.

Blush Wine 101: A.K.A Rosé

Blush wine is precisely what you think it is; a blend of red and white grapes. Wine lovers (at least the ones who take themselves a bit too seriously) may shame you for consuming rosé. But we certainly won’t. In fact, we can tell you why you should appreciate it even more.

History of Blush Wine:

The creation of this sweet pink drink resulted from wine connoisseurs not being able to keep up with the demand for white wine in California in the 1970s. So, they resorted to making white wine by reserving a bit of juice from crushed red grapes and ‘bleeding’ it off to concentrate its color. The final product was a light pink wine originally known as ‘blush wine’. However, it came out way too sweet and was dismissed as a drink for ‘amateurs.’ 
Rosé only got its big break in the 2000s, when America’s interest in France arosé (we tried), and with that, their interest in French rosé. Blush wine is undoubtedly a drink the world had to learn to love. Luckily, this love story has a happy ending, as rosé is now one of the most popular drinks out there.

How to Drink Blush Wine:

You serve and drink blush wine similarly to how you would white wine. However, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Store blush wine in a cool place, away from direct heat or sunlight. 
  • Do not store rosé in the fridge. 
  • Only put your bottle in the fridge a few hours before drinking, and take it out 20 minutes before you open it. 

What Blush Wine Pairs Well With:

Blush wine isn’t commonly served with dinner but instead used as an aperitif. 

Pair blush wine with your: : 

  • Sushi
  • Salads
  • Cheese 
  • Light-cooked white meats 
  • Avoid pairing with spicy or very salty foods.
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6 Fun Facts About Wine: We Heard It Through The Grapevine

Here are some fun wine facts you never knew you wanted to know: 

  • The hundreds of aromas you smell in red wine come just from fermented grapes. So, you’re not imagining it. One sniff really can leave you feeling giddy! 
  • Red wine really does age like ‘fine wine’, becoming lighter in color and richer in taste. 
  • It’s hard to choose, but white wine does have fewer calories than red wine. If you only store bottles of white in your refrigerator, we’re happy to tell you that you’re basically a health guru.
  • Chardonnay is the world’s most widely purchased wine. 
  • Rose is not meant to be aged but is best consumed within 2-3 years after distribution. Leave us a bottle of rose and all we’ll need is 2-3 hours. 
  • In Italy, they call blush wine ‘Rosato’, and in Spain, it is called ‘Rosado’.

The Best Wine To Send:

The beauty of wine is that you can really send any type, for any occasion. It is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, business milestones, and so much more. However, if your recipient happens to be a dedicated wine lover, you’ll want to give the bottle some extra thought to impress them.

For Him: Red Wine

Statistics show that men often gravitate towards red wine more than any other. So, you have a better chance of hitting the mark with your male recipient with a bottle of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, or Pinot Noir. These are safe yet elegant options.

For Her: Blush Wine

No, not because it’s pink. Women tend to prefer white wine over red, but red wine will also never lose its novelty. A great gesture would be to give them the best of both. Ask your female recipient what flavor is to their liking (fruity, savory, sweet, etc.) and send her a bottle of rosé for her special occasion.

For The Holidays: White Wine

White wine pairs perfectly with traditional holiday meats such as turkey, ham, goose, and the much-loved Christmas Eve seafood buffet. Sending a bottle of any of the top three white wines, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling, will surely make your recipients’ celebrations merry. 

Out of all the drink enthusiasts, wine drinkers have a reputation (with good reason) for being the most challenging to please. So, cheers to you for wanting to give it a go! Don’t worry though.  With the help of Drinkable Gifts, you’ll be sending over the perfect bottle every time. 

You’ve learned a ton about how to drink wine. Now what?

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