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Month: February 2023

Corporate Alcohol Gifts for Any Occasion

Wine, liquor, and beer have long been popular gifts in the business world. After all, drinking together is a long-standing business tradition when closing deals. A quality bottle of the good stuff can serve as a great reminder of your working relationships. Corporate alcohol gifts, when done right, can help your company cement a name for itself and celebrate lucrative and long-lasting business relationships.

The first tip every company should know is so important; we’re keeping it above the fold. Make sure you check with HR! Every company has different policies on the kinds of gifts employees can accept in the office. Checking beforehand can save you both embarrassment, not to mention your gifting budget. If you’re interested in exploring how you level up your corporate alcohol gifts, keep on reading.

Corporate Alcohol Gifts - Wine and boxes

Hop Into Beer: What’s the difference between Hops, Malt, and Barley

There are three things that you can watch forever: how a fire burns, how water flows, and how cold beer is poured into a crystal clear glass.

I mean, can you imagine a world without beer?

A boring Super Bowl finale, dull conversations over a glass of broccoli smoothie, and a movie where the hardworking heroes take a carton of cold, refreshing milk out of the refrigerator. Just imagine it, in a beer-less world there would be no graphic fights at football matches, or the movie The Hangover, along with the entire country of Ireland! (just kidding).

Lucky for the beer geeks! The universe has created endless types of beer. This means beer land is a place where our imagination can run wild!

And if brewing is a whole science, like the art of potions from Potteriana, then let us be your personal Severus Snape, and dive together into the magical world of Beer! Today we will learn the difference between hops, malt, and barley!

Glasses of beer and snacks on the wooden table. Top view.