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-I am a hopeless romantic who was supposed to be born in Italy (it's my dream destination), but proud to be South African nonetheless.
-I live by my heart and, consequently, leave a little bit of me in everything I write.
-I currently stay in a small apartment that I clean obsessively due to self-diagnosed OCD.
-My friends would say I'm kind and patient, my mom would say I'm loving but sometimes a little naive, my ex-boyfriend would say I don't know how to apologise (but who cares lol).
-I'm a writer who doesn't read much - working on that.
-I truly believe mermaids (and fairies) exist.
-I am deathly afraid of the age '30'.

How to Drink Wine: It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

They say to drink wine is to drink from the cup of life. No, seriously, research shows that drinking wine actually allows for a longer lifespan. And if we didn’t know some truths about its origin, we’d be convinced that wine was sent straight from the Gods themselves. Having clicked on this article, you must surely agree. But, how much do you know about your favorite bottle of fermented fruit? 

Wine has a history so rich you can taste it. And, it’s only fair that we honor this drink by knowing where it comes from and pairing it well. Read below as we take you ‘wine tasting’ and tell the tall tales of red, white, and blush wine. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real wine involved, but feel free to sip on a glass as you read. (We certainly are!)

How to Drink Wine: Bottles of white and red wine on a wooden shelf in private winery cabinet room interior