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Which Glass Do I Use? A Handy Guide for the Beginner Bartender

Bartenders, barkeepers, barmaids, or mixologists; the terms you use to refer to the instant best friend that serves us liquid gold when visiting our favorite spots! I can attest to the joy that is watching them work their magic. Much like watching Da Vinci bring The Monalisa to life (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little there!), the careful tossing and spinning of intricately designed cocktail shakers are not the only appealing display of art when visiting a bar!

There is so much to look at, including the ecstasy that seems to glue bartenders and bar enthusiasts together, the fascinating tools used to prepare the liquid gold, and the array of glasses displayed that leaves the average customer curious. What are these, why do they have so many sizes of the same kind – and why do I not have them in my kitchen?

Which Glass Do I Use? Animated drawings of liquor, wine, and beer glasses - a visual aid deciding which glass to use

How to Drink Wine: It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

They say to drink wine is to drink from the cup of life. No, seriously, research shows that drinking wine actually allows for a longer lifespan. And if we didn’t know some truths about its origin, we’d be convinced that wine was sent straight from the Gods themselves. Having clicked on this article, you must surely agree. But, how much do you know about your favorite bottle of fermented fruit? 

Wine has a history so rich you can taste it. And, it’s only fair that we honor this drink by knowing where it comes from and pairing it well. Read below as we take you ‘wine tasting’ and tell the tall tales of red, white, and blush wine. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real wine involved, but feel free to sip on a glass as you read. (We certainly are!)

How to Drink Wine: Bottles of white and red wine on a wooden shelf in private winery cabinet room interior
candied bacon recipes and wine pairings

Bacon & Wine Pairings + Matching Candied Bacon Recipes!

Do you love bacon? How about wine? Then you’re in luck. If you’re ready to combine your favorite tasty treat with a lovely libation, let’s get started. The infographic and pairings chart below are both perfect for you.  We’ve matched the wood used to cure and smoke the bacon, as well as the way it is treated to pair perfectly with a popular varietal of wine. This is to help ensure you have a great match, but there’s bacon it’s already good!

But can it get better?  That depends on if you like to cook or have a friend that does.

Below the bacon and wine pairing charts, you’ll find recipes we’ve perfected to create candy bacon treats that matches each wine perfectly.  We hope you have a ton of fun trying these perfect pairings out. If you do, please share this with a fellow bacon and wine lover.