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Month: April 2023

The Difference Between Liquor and Liqueur

Whether you’d like to impress a special someone with your liquor knowledge, peruse the spirits aisle at your local liquor store, or are simply just a sucker for the details, we can assure you that knowing the difference between liquor and liqueur will serve you well at some point in your life. And, although the two terms are often used interchangeably, the first pearl of wisdom we can offer is that they actually belong to two different categories within the alcoholic beverage world.

Varying in both use and taste, not knowing which term to use (or which drink to pour) leaves you vulnerable to a slip-up that your audience will only remember as a cringe. Fortunately, we’ve got some expertise in the liquor field! And, we’re here to help you avoid any mishaps or misspelling with a simple breakdown of the difference between liquor and liqueur. 

Liquor and liqueur standing on a bar table with glowing lights.

Scotch vs Whiskey vs Whisky: What’s the Difference & Are They Appropriate for Your VIPs?

In the world of quality liquor scotch vs whiskey vs whisky is, literally, a debate of taste. The term whiskey (or whisky) refers to distilled spirits made from fermented grains and barrel-aged. So, while everything we discuss in this article is a whisky, there are some unique differences that set them apart enough to be a scotch or even a bourbon.

Knowing the differences between these types of liquors can be the difference between sending your VIPs a ‘nice’ gift and one that truly impresses them. However, it can be a tricky world to navigate. Below we’ve put together answers to some of the most common questions to help you navigate the wonderful world of whisky, even if it isn’t your drink of choice.

Scotch vs Whiskey vs Whisky: Two men clinking whiskey glasses