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Corporate Alcohol Gifts for Any Occasion

Wine, liquor, and beer have long been popular gifts in the business world. After all, drinking together is a long-standing business tradition when closing deals. A quality bottle of the good stuff can serve as a great reminder of your working relationships. Corporate alcohol gifts, when done right, can help your company cement a name for itself and celebrate lucrative and long-lasting business relationships.

The first tip every company should know is so important; we’re keeping it above the fold. Make sure you check with HR! Every company has different policies on the kinds of gifts employees can accept in the office. Checking beforehand can save you both embarrassment, not to mention your gifting budget. If you’re interested in exploring how you level up your corporate alcohol gifts, keep on reading.

Corporate Alcohol Gifts - Wine and boxes

International Business Drinking Etiquette

As you navigate the international world of business, you’re bound to run into questions about business drinking etiquette. The first and best rule in business drinking etiquette, check with HR. Many countries, like the US and UK, have very lax rules about cocktails at business meetings. Make sure you check with individual companies, as some may have different values.

However, even the powers of the HR department only get you so far. Many business dinners happen outside of business hours, where local culture and custom reign supreme and business rules get lax. It’s easy to be torn between wanting to make a good lasting business impression while also wanting to relax and let your personality shine.

Keep reading to get some answers to some of the most common questions about business drinking etiquette.

A group of colleagues enjoying a drink and dinner together giving a thumbs up.

Do Alcohol And Business Mix? Your Guide Into Alcohol as a Corporate Gift

“Never mix business with pleasure,” is how the old saying goes. And, in most cases, this phrase has proven to be true. But, if said pleasure comes in the form of a bottle of chardonnay, we might just make an exception! Sending alcohol as a corporate gift may seem like a rather tricky arena. But, if you do the research and handle it with care, you can impress any one of your clients, employees, and business partners. 

If you wish to send alcohol as a corporate gift, we won’t lie, you’ll need to pay attention. Alcohol gifts can offend your recipient just as easily as they can delight them. The difference is knowing more about your recipient’s taste, their views on drinking, and perhaps their favorite drink. But we’ll get to that soon enough. Read below as we discuss the best way to send alcohol gifts in business.

Alcohol as a Corporate Gift: Two Business People Sharing a Cocktail together