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Month: May 2021

Whiskey 101: How To Navigate The World Of Whiskey

Whiskey, or whisky, is an iconic gentleman’s drink. While I appreciate the image, I’m a firm believer that whiskey is a drink for all adults who enjoy it. Much like wine, you shouldn’t brush whiskey off if you haven’t tried several different bottles. So much goes into making whiskey that the end result varies wildly between brands. Think of the difference between your deviled eggs and your mom’s. Even if you’re following her recipe EXACTLY, we both know there’s something different that you can notice there. If you’re like me, yours are better. But your secret is safe with me. And that’s your first tip; whiskey is an excellent addition to brunch and pairs pretty darn well with a good deviled egg. But don’t worry, that’s not my only whiskey fact! Here’s our stab at teaching you all you need to know about this iconic drink with Whiskey 101!

Whiskey In Glass