The Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Alcohol to Australia

It’s common knowledge that Australians don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate, and we all know that almost every life milestone can be made better with a celebratory toast! Whether it’s an 18th birthday or a 21st celebration, these events are markers in our lives that generally include cocktails, shooters, and trips to the local pub. And Drinkable Gifts is here to help you learn when to send alcohol to Australia as a gift; we can take care of the how!

Are you looking to send a gift to your friends, family, or loved ones in Australia? Why not consider sending them a bottle of their favorite happy hour drink that you know they will love. You might not be with them physically, but your gift will be a highlight of the evening and a way to make your loved one feel appreciated. If you’re looking to blow them away, it’s important to order your gift set well in advance. For those of you who are eager to send a bubbly gift to Australia but are unsure about where to start, we at Drinkable Gifts are here to help! Scroll down to read more about the dos and don’ts of sending alcohol to Australia.

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The History of Liquor in Australia

The consumption of alcohol has been a cultural norm since colonization. During this period, convicts in Australia were paid with rum, and in some ways, alcohol became a currency of the colony.  

Rum was the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in Australia in the 1830s, followed by beer and eventually wine. It was the norm in Britain to drink heavily, and alcohol in Europe had long served as a nutrition food as the diets were very restricted at the time. During the time of colonization, alcohol was considered good and healthy food. 

In the early 19th-century, temperance organizations affiliated with Christian churches became active and eventually demanded prohibition. The high point of the prohibition came during World War 1 and the Great Depression, when alcohol consumption dropped dramatically. After World War 2, drinking rates began to climb again, along with cultural shifts that made “drinking in moderation” the norm. 

Since then, most alcoholic beverages are consumed as a toast, a sacrament, a sedative, a thirst-quencher, and a symbol of sophistication. Thankfully, in this generation, we have the freedom to drink our wine and pour our champagne in peace! Whether it’s visiting a vineyard in the valley while enjoying a chocolate and wine pairing, or having a mixologist prepare an innovative cocktail for your evening wind-down: “getting drinks” has become a fun activity that we all love to say yes to!

The Best Holidays to Send Alcohol to Australia

Your friends, family, and clients in Australia have a long list of holidays that form part of the annual celebrations. The holidays are occasions for fun, dance, and laughter, so it’s no surprise that alcohol plays a significant role in the overall experience. Alcohol gifts are generally received well and can be expected to be enjoyed on the same night that it is gifted. Always remember that the best gifts come from the heart, so consider the message you want to send alcohol to Australia.

Personally, I think you can never go wrong with a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. If you’re sending a surprise gift to your romantic partner, try pairing your bubbles with a box of chocolate-covered strawberries for an extra touch! Besides, it’s hard to believe anyone can say no to chocolate. If you have your father, grandfather, or business partner in mind, go for something classic and simple: a custom red wine set or an Irish whiskey should do the trick! 

Tip: Do your research and consider your loved ones’ personalities before purchasing your drinkable gift online. Check out our website to find alcohol gift sets for all ages and occasions.

The Do's and Don'ts Of Sending Alcohol To Australia: Cranberry Christmas Drink with sprigs and cranberries


Drink and be Merry! From the beginning of December until the New Year, the festive season is a time to have fun and party, and there are usually plenty of drinks involved. Australians celebrate the Christmas season during summer, so festive activities often include refreshing cocktails by the pool and cold beers in front of the barbeque. This makes Chistmas a great time to send alcohol to Australia, to make sure your family is stocked for their celebrations. You know there’s no overdoing it, because anything left over will surely be enjoyed for the New Year!

Whether it’s for a family get-together or an office Christmas party, sending a bottle of alcohol to your friends and family in Australia is a great way to join in on the festivities. Our cocktail gifts send your family everything they need to indulge in their favorite drinks.

New Years

The new year is usually when we promise ourselves that we will change our old ways and start afresh! New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration and the perfect opportunity to share a toast with a bottle of bubbly!

Birthday and Anniversaries

When gifting alcohol on a birthday or anniversary, show some thought in your selection. If it’s a 21st birthday party, consider sending a limited-edition bottle of tequila. If it’s a 20th wedding anniversary, a bottle of red wine from a local vineyard may be more appropriate. Keep your loved one’s personality in mind and look for something interesting, new, or a variation of one of their favorites.

Mother’s and Father’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s and Father’s Day, wine and beer are usually perfect options. Sparkling wines like prosecco or sweeter wines like rose are all great choices. If you decide to go with beer, select a local craft brew that is a bit more unique and interesting. Combine your craft beer set with custom glasses to make your gift extra special.

Australia and Wine

Australia is a powerful wine-producing country in both quality and scale. The country has developed a comprehensive wine-producing system with 65 designated wine regions. With its diverse range of climates and proximity to the ocean, the wines produced across Australia reflect each region’s unique characteristics. Australia has become one of the most versatile wine-producing regions in the world. 

Produced in all of Australia’s six states, the country has played a massive role in the globalization of wine and boasts some of the oldest productive grapevines globally, some planted as far back as the 1800s.

The do's and don'ts of sending alcohol to Australia: Jagermeister with glass and ice studio shot

How to make a Jager bomb: An Australian Favorite

The Jager bomb is one of Australia’s most popular party shots (along with Drinkable Gifts Brand Manager Shannon Youngblood)! The classic party-starter drink involves one shot of Jagermeister and half a can of Red Bull. Pouring a round of Jager Bombs for your friends is fun to get the party started. Here’s how you do it! 

Prepare the Drink

  • Step 1 

Place the bottle of Jagermeister into the freezer to chill. Let the bottle chill for at least half an hour before serving. The liquid should be at a pleasantly cold serving temperature.

  • Step 2

For a standard Jager Bomb, pour the chilled Jagermeister into a shot glass. The standard size for the shot glass should be 1.5 ounces.

  • Step 3

Pour half a can of Red Bull into a tumbler glass. Be aware that one can of Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine. 

Drinking the Jagerbomb 

  • Step 1

Drop the Jagermeister shot into the glass of Red Bull. It is common for everyone to drop their shots into the glass simultaneously. For the sake of the ritual, make a toast and count down.. 3…2…1! 

  • Step 2

Throw it back! Drink all of the Jagermeister and Redbull to complete the Jager Bomb. This is not a sipper! When turning the glass to your lips, the liquid combines together, giving it a unique flavor. 

Place your glass on the table to show the rest of the group that you’re done. 

  • Step 3

Chill back and wait for the effects of the Jager Bomb to hit your body. Combining alcohol and caffeine can produce a stimulating effect that many people enjoy, but as always, please drink responsibly!

We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post on the best ways to send alcohol gifts to your friends and family in Australia. Scroll through our website, Drinkable Gifts, to select some of the finest wines, champagnes, whiskeys and so much more! 

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