Let Them Choose Their Own Booze with an International Gift Card

Considering sending your recipient an international gift card for an upcoming special occasion? We believe that a “yes” from global gift experts is the final push you need. According to recent statistics, gift cards are indisputably the rising stars of the gifting world. And, as the folks who send drinks to your doorstep from around the world, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on this gift-giving game-changer. 

A gift card offers many unique advantages, particularly when you’re looking to send alcohol gifts. They are the perfect solution for allowing your recipient to select their preferred spirits, a gesture that anyone will appreciate. Read below as we dive into the delightful world of international gift cards. And discover how they’re elevating gift-giving, especially when it comes to raising a glass to life’s special moments.

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What is an International Gift Card? 

An international gift card carries a monetary value that recipients can use to shop for various products and services, spanning local and international merchants. But, of course, that’s the generic description. At Drinkable Gifts, we think of gift certificates as “chameleons” of the gifting world, offering unmatched versatility and flexibility. 

Distance is no longer a barrier to sharing life’s milestones. And international gift cards have emerged as a thoughtful and convenient gesture. They offer the best of both worlds – personalization and freedom of choice! Making them a borderless gift option for both gift-givers and recipients! 

Why You Should Let Them Choose Their Own Booze

Sending alcohol gifts is different from sending any other type of gift. Much like trying to choose a song your recipient might like, it’s either going to be a hit or a miss! And, when you’re not exactly sure about their preferred tune, the gift-giving experience may feel challenging. An international gift card eliminates this concern!

Your gift recipient gets to explore a vast selection of alcohol gifts and choose the one that speaks to their senses. Whether it’s a rich red wine, a smooth bourbon, or a bottle of bubbly for a special celebration, they’ll get to savor the flavor that suits their mood. Well, at least, that’s what happens when you purchase an international gift card from Drinkable Gifts

Ideal Occasions to Send an International Gift Card

Selecting the right gift can be challenging, especially when choosing a beverage that matches your recipient’s preferences. International gift certificates provide the perfect solution! They offer the flexibility for your loved ones to select their own bottle of liquid delight. Making them a practical choice for thoughtful gifting. Here are five occasions when sending an international gift card is a thoughtful option, ensuring your gift is both personal and fitting for the celebration: 

Birthdays – When you want to celebrate a loved one’s special day but aren’t sure about their favorite spirit or wine, an international gift card lets them choose their own birthday treat.

Anniversaries – Whether it’s your anniversary or you want to send warm wishes to a couple, an international gift card allows them to select a bottle of champagne or wine to toast another year of love.

Graduations – Marking a significant academic milestone with the gift of choice is a thoughtful gesture. Recipients can select the perfect drink to raise their glass to their achievements.

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Thank You – When expressing gratitude, an international gift card ensures your appreciation is delivered in the form of their preferred spirit, offering a personal touch to your thanks.

Holidays and Festivals – International gift cards are perfect for spreading festive cheer. Recipients can use them to stock up on drinks for holiday gatherings and celebrations, making the season even merrier.

Where Can I Buy an International Gift Card? 

Drinkable Gifts’ gift card options work with your budget, allowing you to save on gifts the more value you add! For example, our most popular gift card is $150, but you only pay $120—giving your recipient more to spend on a gift than what you paid for! 

We can also have your gift certificate delivered to your recipient right now! With the option to send this wonderful surprise via SMS or email. No address information is required! 

Our ordering process is quick and easy. But we’ve also put together a comprehensive video to show you just how simple ordering a Drinkable Gifts international gift card can be: 

Send an International Gift Card Today 

In a world where distance and personal preferences can be significant factors, international gift cards have become the conduit that bridges these gaps. They represent the epitome of thoughtful gifting, offering the gift of choice to recipients and peace of mind to gift-givers. In this borderless realm of gift-giving, let the symphony of choice play on! And elevate the experience of cherishing life’s most significant moments, one toast at a time! 

Thank you for exploring the international gift card! What’s next?

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