5 Gifts for the Bourbon Lover: Four Roses Bourbon and More

What’s the big deal about bourbon? Well, if you’re on the hunt for gifts for the bourbon lover in your life, it’ll serve you well to know what all the fuss is about. A version of history suggests that bourbon’s origin story began in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was named after Bourbon Street. But, the more well-known tale is that bourbon is a nod to Bourbon County, Kentucky—where an estimated 95% of bourbon is produced. 

No matter where you believe bourbon comes from, however, those who love the drink don’t pay too much attention to the logistics. Instead, you’ll find them boasting about its smooth yet complex flavor, which offers a truly versatile drinking experience. If you wish to impress a special man in your life or anyone who simply loves bourbon—look no further than the expertise of Drinkable Gifts

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What Is Bourbon? 

If you’re not a bourbon drinker or have never tasted bourbon, you’re probably wondering what the heck this drink is. Well, quite simply, it’s a type of whiskey made from fermented grains (corn, rye, or barely). Yes, along with Irish Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, and Scotch, bourbon falls under the whiskey umbrella. This spirit takes at least 2 years to age and must have a minimum of 40% alcohol by volume. 

In terms of taste, this can vary depending on the type of bourbon and its distillation process. But, typically, this drink boasts intense flavors of oak, vanilla, marshmallow, and caramel. Bourbon with a higher amount of wheat may have a more subdued flavor, whereas a higher amount of rye provides a more flavorful edge. 

We suspect that the main reason why bourbon lovers enjoy the drink is because there are no rules for how to enjoy it. You can drink it neat, on the rocks, or in classic cocktails like an Old-Fashioned or Manhattan. You can even shoot it with a pickle brine chaser — you do you! Much like the Wild West saloons where bourbon was a staple, there are no limits when it comes to savoring this all-American spirit.

Bourbon vs Whiskey: Spoiler, They Are Not the Same 

When you order fish at a restaurant, you don’t take for granted that they will serve you salmon. Similarly, when you order “whiskey” at a bar, having your drink mixed with bourbon is not guaranteed. In short, all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. And, although we have touched on the ingredients and taste of bourbon above, a keynote (if you wish to impress the bourbon lover in your life with your knowledge) is that while all whiskey is made from fermented grains, bourbon is predominantly made with corn. 

With the abundance of corn in the mash bill, bourbon offers a sweeter profile than its whiskey cousins. The sweet flavors of honey, brown sugar, and toffee make bourbon the perfect drink when paired with complimentary ingredients. Maple syrup in a Maple Whiskey Sour or apple cider in an Apple Sour Cocktail is simply delicious (apparently). So, it’s safe to say that, essentially, it is the taste that differentiates bourbon from whiskey. And that’s why it’s important to specify if bourbon is the spirit of choice.  

There are, of course, a few categories within bourbon and many producers to choose from! But, finding gifts for the bourbon lover can seem a little daunting (especially when all the knowledge you have about the drink was gained in the last few minutes). When in doubt, we suggest you take the subtle route (at least as subtle as bourbon can get). If you’re looking for specific bottle recommendations, we have listed our favorites below! 

What To Gift a Man Who Loves Bourbon: 5 Ultimate Gifts For the Bourbon Lover

We’ve scoured the earth (well, maybe just our online alcohol gifts store) for our top 5 bourbons that will have him singing “My Old Kentucky Home” in no time: 

1. Four Roses Bourbon

Gifts for the bourbon lover: Four Roses Bourbon with cheese and crackers

Four Roses is the perfect bourbon gift for any man in your life (assuming he’s of legal drinking age, of course). This bourbon is smooth and sophisticated, just like a gentleman should be. It’s aged for a minimum of five years, which gives it a rich, complex flavor that any bourbon lover will appreciate. Plus, the bottle itself is a work of art – it’s got a sleek, masculine design that’ll look great on any bar cart or liquor shelf.  

2. Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The Bourbon Basket Evan Williams

Looking for a gift for the man who has everything? Impress him with a bottle of Evan Williams bourbon! This spirit is the perfect gift for any man who appreciates a smooth and flavorful whiskey. Plus, with its sleek and masculine bottle design, he’ll certainly want to show it off on his liquor shelf — making this bourbon gift one he’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

3. Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 

Jim Beam Whiskey Sour gift set

It wouldn’t be too bold of us to say that Jim Beam is the “little black dress” of bourbons. It’s simply a classic that never goes out of style! And, while it may not be the fanciest “dress” on the rail, it still gets the job done and does it well. Offering a smooth and mellow flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel, Jim Beam is most certainly a crowd-pleaser. With over 200 years of history behind it, you know you’re giving the special man in your life a bourbon tried and true! 

4. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's biscuit  and chocolate gift

This bourbon is a classic choice that any man will appreciate. It’s got a smoky, woody flavor that’ll make him feel like he’s sipping on liquid gold. Plus, the bottle itself is a work of art – with its iconic black and white label and signature square shape, it’s a symbol of American craftsmanship and tradition. Give the man in your life a gift that’s as timeless and dependable as he is with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. 

5. Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Maker's Mark bourbon with assorted fudge and gift box.

We present to you the perfect option for the man who has just started exploring the world of bourbon. Maker’s Mark is a classic for a reason, well, for a few reasons. Its signature red wax seal and iconic bottle shape aside, this bourbon’s smoothness, easy drinking, and balance of just the right amount of sweetness make it a crowd-pleaser. He’ll love every indulgent moment this bourbon gift can offer. 

You’ve learned all about Gifts for the Bourbon Lover, now what? 

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