The Best Type of Wine to Gift: A Quick Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a curious enthusiast, the quest for the best type of wine to gift may feel tricky. And, when you don’t know much about your recipient’s wine preferences, the quest may turn from tricky to downright treacherous! However, if you’re considering sending wine as a gift, you’re already on the path to success.

Wine gifts uncork a symphony of flavors as well as experiences! Making it the perfect gift for almost every single occasion. But, what is the best type of wine to gift? Is red considered more “classy” than white? Will the wine snobs in your life shun you for sending rosé as a gift? Read below as we provide a beginner-friendly guide to wine types. And, we explore the art of gifting wine to your loved ones with the help of Drinkable Gifts

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The Best Type of Wine to Gift: According to Occasions (and Your Recipient’s Pickiness)

We know “pickiness” may not seem fair to mention in this article. But, while we’re on the topic of wine, we simply can’t pass up the opportunity to poke a little fun! Besides, if you’re clued in on either of the elements above, you’re bound to choose the right wine gift. Below are our wine suggestions for the gift-giver who’s “got a clue”: 


When it comes to selecting the perfect bottle for a soirée, chardonnay is as good a choice as a timeless tuxedo – it’s a classic that never fails to impress! With its enchanting dryness and vivacious character, it is known for gracing gatherings and special moments with its impeccable presence. 

Who will love it: Anyone who enjoys fruit notes like green apple and citrus, potential oak-influenced characteristics such as vanilla and butter, along with variations in creaminess. 

Appropriate Occasions: dinner parties, weddings, and celebratory moments.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Reigning as the charismatic red wine counterpart to Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon is a sophisticated wine choice boasting widespread appeal. Its bold personality dances exquisitely alongside lamb and beef dishes, creating an indulgent culinary experience for dinner parties! While high-end wine options also make for prestigious gifts for special occasions.

Who will love it: This wine offers a captivating blend of flavors. Including dark fruits, herbaceous notes, and oak influence, it is ideal for red wine enthusiasts. It will also impress food lovers, collectors, and those seeking an elegant and complex wine experience. 

Appropriate Occasions: Christmas holiday feasts (see our traditional drinks for Christmas blog), wine and cheese gatherings, barbeques, and elegant dinner parties. 

Pinot Noir

Consider Pinot Noir as the kind of guest that fits effortlessly into any party. With its fruit-forward enigma, its versatility is nothing short of charming. And, it serves as a light-hearted companion for any occasion! As a gift, it works best as a token of appreciation to offer your dinner host.

Who will love it: Pinot Noir offers an elegant and nuanced tasting experience. With notes of red fruits, florals, and earthy undertones, it is ideal for those who appreciate light wine delicacies.

Appropriate Occasions: Intimate dinners, outdoor/summer gatherings, gourmet dining, and romantic evenings. 

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Sauvignon Blanc

Introducing the quintessential choice for those who appreciate dry, yet luxuriously textured white wine. Sauvignon Blanc is the crowing jewel of white wines, ready to define any moment as a grand celebration. The grape behind this beauty is a wonder wildly embraced across the vineyards of France. Making Sauvignon Blanc a perfect wine to store away for future occasions! 

Who will love it: This wine offers a refreshingly vibrant taste profile, characterized by citrus zest, herbal nuances, tropical fruits, and high acidity. It will appeal to crisp wine enthusiasts, summer sippers, seafood lovers, and those seeking aromatic and lively wine experiences.

Appropriate Occasions: casual get-togethers, garden parties, seafood feasts, and wine and cheese evenings.


Tailor-made for those who prefer sweet white wine, Riesling emerges as the perfect addition to your recipient’s wine collection. Thanks to its perfect aging properties, this wine will make itself right at home in a wine cellar—an ideal keepsake until your recipient is ready to indulge!

Who will love it: Offering a spectrum of fruit notes, floral aromas, and mineral undertones. It appeals to sweet wine enthusiasts, adventurous palates, food pairing aficionados, wine collectors, and those seeking a refreshing summer sipper.

Appropriate Occasions: formal dinners, dessert pairing, picnics, wine cellar introductions, and summer celebrations. 

The Best Type of Wine to Gift: When You Have No Idea What They Like

Maybe you’re shipping wine internationally as a gift and don’t know what your foreign recipient likes. Or, perhaps you want to send a wine gift to a friend as a surprise. No matter the reason, we don’t judge you for not being sure of what to send. You’re not Sherlock Holmes! Besides, we’ve listed all the clues you need below by exploring your best options in order of popularity:

Third Best: Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is like that versatile friend who’s always ready to party, even when you’re unsure about the guest list! With its bubbly personality, it’s a charmer across palates. Enthusiast or explorer, sparkling wine’s unique persona outshines typical wine gifts. The only reason for its 3rd place ranking is that many perceive it as a celebratory wine, perhaps limiting the occasions for which you can send it as a gift.

Second Best: White Wine

White wine arrives at the party chilled, with a thirst-quenching prowess that gives it an edge. While red wine might strut its stuff, white gracefully quenches parched palates, making it a prime pick for most occasions and recipients. Consider it the gift of sips and smiles, wrapped in a bottle that knows how to make every gathering a memorable masterpiece.

The Best Choice: Red Wine

With red wine only being slightly more popular than white, it hurt us to cause beef between these two beauties! But, there had to be a winner. Statistically speaking, if your recipient happens to be of the masculine persuasion, the odds are ever so slightly in favor of red wine hitting the sweet spot. It seems the gentlemen of the wine world often lean towards the allure of red over white. Just be prepared to spend a little bit more in the pursuit of red wine! There is more cost and labor involved in its creation compared to other wine types. 

The Best Type of Wine to Gift is the One You Choose With Intention!

No matter what type of wine you decide is best for your recipient, putting thought into your wine gift is what will drive it home! But, we hope this article has you feeling a little less clueless and closer to mastering wine selection.

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