The Best Alcohol Gift Sets for Christmas

The best alcohol gift sets for Christmas are easy to find when you know where to look. And, as difficult as this may be to accept, it’s not at your nearest liquor store! If you want to spoil yourself or your loved ones with high-quality alcohol gift sets this festive season, ordering through a trusted international gifting platform is the way to go. 

When it comes to finding the best alcohol gift sets for Christmas, Drinkable Gifts is your one-stop shop for fun and trendy holiday drinks! Whether you want to share a few cold ones with friends or whip up classic Christmas cocktails, our alcohol gifts are sure to make you and your loved ones jolly! Read below as we offer our expertise to help you choose the best alcohol gift sets for Christmas. 

Top 5 Drinks Traditionally Drunk at Christmas 

There are a million new and “trendy” ways to recreate the traditional Christmas cocktails we know and love. But, as lovers of tradition, we’re keeping it simple. So, bet your bottom dollar that eggnog is featured on this list: 


The quintessential Christmas morning drink? That’s the classic orange juice (or cranberry) with a fizzy twist! When it comes to adding that sparkle to your OJ, the options are aplenty! Whether it’s Cava, prosecco, Crémant, or indulgent Champagnes, even a hint of spirits for an extra punch, the choices are as bubbly as your holiday spirit. 


Glogg holds popularity during Christmas due to its rich heritage and cozy, festive qualities. Originating from Scandinavia, particularly Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, this drink embodies the warmth of the holiday season! It is usually crafted from red wine and heated gently with spices such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom pods, and sometimes star anise. But plenty of recipes encourage a dash of rum, vodka, or brandy for an added kick!


In times past, Christmas tradition involved a delightful stroll around the neighborhood, filled with merry caroling and sharing bowls of wassail as a favored song hints. Although this tradition has seemed to fade from modern holiday traditions, wassail is still one heck of a drink to serve at Christmas Eve dinner. Consider it a warm holiday punch that you can make your own from a choice of brandy, sherry, rum, and even beer! 


This drink stands out as a seasonal icon during the festive season. Yet, this nutmeg-spiced, creamy concoction has a way of dividing opinions. Some recoil at the blend of milk, raw egg yolks, spices, and alcohol. While others become devoted fans after their initial taste experience. Eggnog’s pervasive presence continues to create a classic, either a love-it or leave-it affair for many during the holidays. 

Mulled Wine 

Mulled wine will infuse your home with the nostalgic essence of Christmases past. A blend of red wine, a touch of brandy, and a medley of holiday spices is all it takes! Whether it’s after a day of snowy adventures or when seeking solace by the fireside, mulled wine offers the perfect sip to wrap yourself in cozy comfort and festive cheer. 

If you wish to learn more about popular holiday booze around the world, check out our blog on traditional Christmas drinks!

What Alcohol is Good for Christmas? Our 5 Favorite Festive Spirits

The perfect Christmas cocktail isn’t just about taste. It should also exude that Christmas-y feeling! We know you know what we’re talking about. Here are our 5 favorite spirits that make festive cocktails worth the holiday hype: 

BrandyOften used in warming winter cocktails and classic after-dinner drinks like brandy Alexander, it’s a versatile spirit for crafting festive beverages

RumFrom spiced rum for cozy eggnogs to dark rum for hot toddies or rum punch, it’s a staple for creating comforting and flavorful holiday drinks.

WhiskeyWith its bold character, whiskey crafts comforting hot toddies and lends its charm to timeless cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

GinThe versatile wizard behind the bar. Gin can be used to craft holiday-themed cocktails, from spiced gin-based drinks to refreshing gin and tonics garnished with seasonal fruits or herbs.

VodkaA versatile base for creating a wide range of cocktails, vodka can be used in holiday classics like martinis and cosmopolitans or infused with seasonal flavors for unique drinks.

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The Best Alcohol Gift Sets for Christmas: From Our Catalog 


Champagne gifts stand tall among the top choices for Christmas gifting due to their inherent sense of celebration and luxury. The effervescence of Champagne embodies festivity, marking special occasions and the holiday spirit with a touch of elegance. Add an air of sophistication to any holiday gathering this festive season by toasting with bubbly! 

Cocktail Gift Sets 

Cocktail gifts offer an exciting opportunity for recipients to unleash their inner mixologist. And they provide an array of spirits, mixers, and garnishes tailored for crafting delightful drinks! Perfect for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned cocktail aficionados, our cocktail gifts encourage shared moments of merriment, fostering a jovial atmosphere for festive gatherings. 

Bourbon Gift Sets 

Bourbon’s caramel and vanilla notes evoke coziness, making it the perfect spirit to sip neat by the fireside or use in crafting classic holiday cocktails. Moreover, bourbon enthusiasts appreciate its depth and complexity, making it an ideal gift for those seeking unique and refined flavors. Find out how to make the best holiday drinks with our blog on Christmas bourbon drinks!

Wine and Gourmet Gifts

The versatility of wine allows for a diverse selection ranging from robust reds to crisp whites or elegant sparkling options. Paired with artisanal cheeses, savory charcuterie, or decadent chocolates, these sets elevate the sensory experience. And they certainly create memorable (and delicious) moments during the holidays. Wine and gourmet gifts present an exceptional choice for Christmas gifting, blending indulgence with sophistication. 

Cider Gifts 

Choosing cider over beer for Christmas is like opting for a cozy winter sweater over a t-shirt—it just feels right! While beer brings its own bubbly charm to the table, cider steps in with a sweetness that perfectly aligns with the holidays. Open a cold one with friends and family this Christmas season with cider gifts

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As you delve into the joy of gifting this holiday season, let the spirit of celebration flow with the perfect alcohol gift sets from Drinkable Gifts. From sophisticated Champagne to versatile cocktail kits, and the richness of bourbon or the elegance of wine, there’s an alcohol gift for every taste! And we can deliver to over 200 countries in less than a week! Make your order today!

Cheers to a festive and spirited holiday season!

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