Cocktails for Mother’s Day: A Toast To Mom

It’s time to remind you: Mom deserves great cocktails for Mother’s Day! Now, if your mom is a whiskey neat or beer kind of mom, power to her! There is nothing wrong with giving mom exactly what you know she loves, and well, we’d love to help you do it with a collection of cocktails for Mother’s Day she won’t soon forget.

But after the last year, I think we can all agree it’s nice to change things up. So if your mom likes adventure, or you’re just looking to film some reaction videos, we’ve picked out a few cocktails that are fun and easy to make. If you don’t see anything you like on the list, let us know in the comments what you’re looking for. No, seriously, we’d love the chance to write about the cocktails you want to see. Or make a cocktail using the ingredients you suggest.


Cocktails for Mother’s Day: Mimosa

The classic brunch cocktail offers a lot of wiggle room. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and your ability to make it on the fly. Pair this cocktail with breakfast in bed, and you have a combination that will have her gushing over how thoughtful you are for months to come.

First things first, pick a champagne your mom likes. There are no wrong options here, especially since you’ll be adding juice you can get away with a cheaper bottle. Next, you need to know a straightforward ratio:

1 part champagne

1 part orange juice (or other juices, pomegranate juice, or pear juice make for interesting flavor combinations!)

Pour the champagne into a tall flute, and top with juice. We recommend a 1 to 1 ratio, but you can absolutely cater this to your mom’s taste. Less fruit juice will obviously give her more bubbles, while more juice offers a sweet vibrancy that pairs particularly well with pancakes. If you can’t make it home to make this for her, send a champagne basket with everything she needs to make this cocktail for herself.


Cocktails for Mother’s Day: Margarita

The ultimate party drink. Seriously margaritas are a hit, especially frozen at outdoor parties. There’s a lot of room to play with a margarita, but we’re going to give you the basics.

First, you’re going to need ice, a blender if you know your mom likes it blended, and the following:

1.5oz of Tequila

1oz of Triple Sec (You can swap with Grand Marnier in this step)

3/4oz of Lime Juice (Freshly Squeezed if possible)

You can also find margarita mix and add tequila; seriously, we don’t judge.

If you’re making these on the rocks, simply combine your ingredients, shake well, and pour over a salt-rimmed glass of ice.

If you like it blended, throw everything into that blender with some ice and blend. You can intensify things by adding frozen berries, fresh fruit, or even a flavored syrup. As a bonus, this will let you layer in more tequila if you’re feeling it!


Cocktails for Mother’s Day: Sangria

A little-known secret is that a good sangria can help save a bad wine. If you aren’t sure about that bottle of wine you’re buying mom, turn it into sangria instead! All you need is a pitcher, liquor, juice, and fruit!

Sangria can come in various flavors, so here are some guidelines to help you make a custom drink just for mom!

1 bottle wine – red, white, rose it doesn’t matter.

1 /4 cup spirits – a general rule of thumb-dark liquors go with reds and clear with whites. Not sure what to pick; go with rum.

1 /4 cup flavored liqueur –  try to find something that matches the fruit notes in the wine you have. If you’re going with our rum suggestion, we recommend peach schnapps.

3 /4 cup juice – again, go with a flavor that is in your wine or a flavor you know will compliment it. Pomegranate juice is great with rum and peach.

Frozen Fruit – you can use fresh, but frozen helps chill the drink if you’re making this the day of. We recommend a tropical assortment if you’re going with rum.

Lemon-Lime Soda  – Optional

Grab a pitcher and mix all of these ingredients minus the soda in. Not everyone likes their sangria sparkling, so keep the lemon-lime soda on the side for your mom or guests to add if they like it.

pomegranate punch

Cocktails for Mother’s Day: Pomegranate Punch

This is actually my go-to drink because it’s simple, delicious, and packs a punch! If your mom is a woman of simple pleasures and a lover of fruit, break this out to wow her. It’s a great after-dinner drink, or fantastic company while mom curls up with a book. All you’ll need is mom’s favorite mug or glass and the following:

4 oz Pomegranate juice

1.5 oz peach schnaps

1 oz rum


Put a couple of ice cubes in a glass, pour in the liquor and juice, stir, and ta-da! A quick and easy cocktail that’s sure to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

There are hundreds of more cocktails out there, and if you don’t see something you know your mom will love, go out there and search. Don’t stress about making it perfectly, it’s truly the thought that counts when it comes to spoiling your loved ones. If you can’t make it home to your family this Mother’s Day, break out these cocktails later. In the meantime make sure you schedule a wine, liquor, or beer gift basket to spoil the woman that raised you.

We’ve given you some Mother’s Day tips, now what?

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