Top 5 Alcohol Gifts Around The World

We’re firm believers that it’s the thought that counts for a gift, especially when it comes to liquor gifts. So if you’re looking for a “right” answer, we can’t say there is one.

The SAFE answer is to send your friends what you know they love.

The FUN answer, is to take a look at what’s currently trending and try to expand your friends’ horizons. A new liquor, or change in brand of liquor, can open them up to new possibilities. And let’s face it, we all have one person we silently judge for drinking bottom shelf wine all the time. Go head, help a friend out and buy them something better. Below you’ll find our most sold alcohol categories and brands of 2020. If ever there was a year to drink, 2020 takes the crown (Crown Royal 😉 ).


Wine Pour


Honestly, we’re shocked that 2020 didn’t call for something stronger. But wine was our most sold item by MILES for the year. We get it, there’s nothing a bottle (or two) can’t make a tiny bit better. From rich merlots to crisp chardonnays, around the world it’s wine you want and we deliver. Our Custom Wine gift was the runaway winner hitting top marks in every country we can send to from Canada to Switzerland.

Apparently 2020 was also the year for our Red Wine Selection. With everything from Merlot to a bold Shiraz we couldn’t ship red wine fast enough. Which makes sense, with the variety of sweet and earthy notes, bold chocolate flavors, and playful fruits, a bottle of red sets the tone for a day curled up with a book (even if its day 300).


Making a respectable appearance, fashionably second if you will, is champagne. As much as we would like to say Dom Perignon was our number one seller, we’re here to give you the facts. The fact of it is there’s a lot of solid champagne out there that won’t break your wallet. Our Sparkling Wine and Champagne Selection gave you the chance to order your preferred bottle.

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut was our most popular bottle, followed closely by a playful prosecco Martini and Rossi Asti. This affordable bottle of bubbly makes a wonderful mimosa and leaves your guests happy and impressed.

Served Neat


When you hear scotch it brings up images of coat-tailed gentlemen crowded around a bar sipping on glasses that cost more per ounce than your last paycheck. But you’d be wrong! Scotch caters to everyone, with affordable brands like Dewar’s making a play for top seller. This year A Bit Of Fire was the go-to choice for sending a slightly spicy care package to help your loved ones survive one of the weirdest holiday seasons on record.

Coming in at a close second is Ardbeg, with a bold smoky flavor and smooth finish it’s a respectable gift for your best man, or a corporate VIP.  But don’t discount the women who appreciate the robust flavor of a scotch served neat. This may be seen as a drink for gentlemen, but we promise anyone that appreciates savory flavors and a smooth burn can find a scotch that they enjoy. Think of the bonus points you’ll get if you’re the one that introduces them to their favorite bottle.


This is the drink we picked to win the great 2020 popularity contest. We’ll take top 5 though. If you had to name a party drink classic, nothing is more iconic than a shot of tequila or batch of frozen margaritas. Now, everyone is familiar with Jose Cuervo, this brand has become a household name around the world. With the consistency in product and flavor, along with a pleasant slow burn, its perfect for shorts or mixing.

But recently 1800 tequila has been rising in popularity, it’s slightly smoother finish and noticeable floral notes (thanks agave) make it an arguably better mixer for around the same price point. But the king of tequila gifts is the ever-elegant Patron brand. Send someone a bottle of Silver Patron and they’re sure to know just how special they are to you!

Classic Cocktails


No alcohol gift list is complete without vodka. A versatile workhorse, vodka has remained the go to mixer for everyone from college frat boys to the women on Wallstreet.  While you might think you have to spend big bucks for a good bottle, you’ll be happy to know that Absolut Vodka and Svedka are wallet-friendly options that go down smooth.

But for a real statement piece, opt for Crystal Skull vodka. Served cold, this vodka is crisp and oddly refreshing (in the way the DJ playing your favorite song the second you’re ready to dance is invigorating). The real kicker, is the bottle. Like the name suggests Crystal Skull is served in a glass skull, which makes it a dramatic conversation starter and a fun piece to upcycle when the vodka is gone.

Whatever your taste, help your friends keep the party going when by sending them care packages to keep their liquor cabinet stocked. While we encourage you to send top shelf brands your friends and family wouldn’t normally treat themselves to, a simple bottle of wine on a Wednesday just to see them smile is just as good, if not better.

We’ve recapped 2020’s Top Alcohol Gifts, how can we help you shop for 2021?

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