Cocktail Trends: Sending Alcohol Gifts in Style

It was a random Saturday night at a cocktail bar when I tasted a curious concoction named Jalapeno Mango Margarita. The menu described it as “a mouthful of bite.” In retrospect, I should have paid more attention to that part. However, despite the spicey tingling, my palette hosted a disco of flavors I had not yet experienced in a cocktail—-or any drink for that matter. And, with every sip, the dance between sweet and spicey found a rhythm that made it impossible for me to deny that it was, indeed, a damn good drink! This experience eventually got me thinking about cocktail trends. After some research and one too many TikTok videos, my consensus is that it’s heading in a weird direction – and I like it! Read below as I share cocktail trends that are taking over 2024. And, how you can send a cocktail experience to your friends and family with alcohol gifts from Drinkable Gifts! 

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Cocktail Trends and Some of Our Cocktail Gifts to Match

Initially, my goal in exploring cocktail trends was to find weird and wonderful drinks you may not have heard of. But now that I’ve lifted my head from the (figurative) bar table, I find myself amazed at what can be created inside a small glass. From mushroom-infused cocktails to a reinvention of the classics, there is still a cocktail for everyone in 2024! Discover the cocktail trends our alcohol gift experts want you to keep an eye on and the gifts you can send to bring these trends to your home bar: 

Spicy Cocktails

My Jalapeno and Mango Margarita certainly falls under the latest trend of spicey cocktails, and I have to say, she’s a fan! But spicey margaritas aren’t a new addition to the world of cocktails. Its inception is believed to be in 2000, when Julio Bermejo, owner of Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, infused blanco tequila with habanero peppers. This concoction has been evolving across the globe ever since – and is now holding down a major comeback in 2024!

Make Spicey Cocktails With Our Gifts: 

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Mindful Drinking and Low/Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

As the world continues to shift into an era of healthy living, more drink enthusiasts are on the lookout for low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drink alternatives that don’t compromise on quality or taste. According to a Nielsen IQ report, the non-alcoholic category experienced double-digit growth from 2020 to 2022 in the U.S. This year, the category continues to expand and evolve, with the emergence of mainstream retail opportunities, innovative tasting room experiences, and the introduction of a new mid-strength alcoholic sub-category. 

Discover our Non-Alcoholic Gifts: 

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The Rise of Asian Spirits 

The hype surrounding Japanese whisky has been steadily growing for years. And, this seems to be paving the way for other Asian spirits to claim their rightful place on the shelf. A Dataessential report shows that there is a significant increase in consumer interest in: 

  • soju – 50% increase 
  • baijiu – 37% increase
  • Shochu – 40% increase 

Another interesting statistic is that Gen Z is showing a remarkable affinity for these Asian spirits!

Impress The Gen Z in your Life With Our Asian Spirits: 

With love from Japan
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A Revival of the Classics

We may have to throw the old saying, ““if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”” out the window for a second. And, as a disclaimer for the purists, I am indeed a sucker for a long island iced tea gift! But, I also believe that if we don’t attempt to breathe new life into classic drinks, the world of cocktails will inevitably be less exciting. This doesn’t mean you have to stop ordering your beloved Old Fashioned. But revived classics can be a happy medium for purists and adventurers alike! 

Create Something New With our Classic Cocktail Gifts:

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Coffee Cocktails and Going Beyond the Espresso Martini 

I had my first Espresso Martini a few months back. And the fact that the cocktail world has already moved on to greener pastures is a testament to how late I was for that train. Nevertheless, the Espresso Martini, be it fashion or fad, is ushering in a new era of coffee cocktails. And it’s easy to see why. Coffee can be bitter, acidic, fruity, or nutty, depending on the type. It simply offers so many flavors to experiment with – making it the perfect ingredient for various cocktails. 

Make Your Own Coffee Cocktails With These Gifts: 

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Cocktail Trends and Choosing the Right Cocktail Gift

Whether you’re craving a bold and fiery flavor adventure or a classic cocktail with a modern twist, the cocktail scene in 2024 promises endless excitement and innovation! And there’s no better way to share these concoctions with your loved ones than by sending them the perfect cocktail gifts from Drinkable Gifts. 

Thank you for exploring Cocktail Trends! 

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