New Year, New Beer: Beers From Around the World

It’s a curious thing that the inception of beer, quite literally, drove the evolution of humankind and human civilization overall. And no, we don’t have proof of that, but neither do anthropologists, by the way. However, it is perfectly reasonable to believe that we evolved according to the advantages of alcoholic beverages. And with beer being one of the oldest beverages in the world, the influence it still has on modern society is no surprise. 

As earth completes yet another trip around the sun, best believe that humans will once again clink their pints and sing a resounding ‘aah’ at the crisp taste of beer. So, we’re celebrating with a little something we like to call ‘New Beer’s Eve. Read below as we tell you about beers from around the world and how you can make beer a part of your new year’s celebration. 

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The History of Beer: The Oldest Beers From Around the World  

Like many debates centered around ‘who invented what, the exact origin of beer is still unknown. But, many have tried their darndest to find the answer. And as a result, the history of beer will differ depending on who you ask. So, take our version with a pinch of salt (or a pint of lager). Beer derives from the Latin word ‘bribery’, meaning ‘to drink’. And so, this gives us some indication of the long span of human beings who have enjoyed drinking it. 

While many believe that beer brewing began with the Romans, it was actually invented thousands of years earlier, in ancient Sumer (now modern-day Iraq). The sites discovered in this location were filled with old ceramics that archeologists considered remains of beer jugs. Although these findings indicate that humans have been brewing beer since 3500 BC, the creation of beer is usually said to be 4000 BC. 

Currently, the oldest beer in the world is said to be a brand called Weihenstephan. Brewing beer since 1040, the company that produces this beer claims to be the world’s oldest operating brewery. 

The Top 10 Beers From Around the World: 

Like all things that make us feel ‘merry’, beer is somewhat a universal language. It is one of those rare things that has found its way into almost every country and culture across the world. It’s no wonder the global beer market is valued at over 623 billion dollars! But, figures aside, beer truly is a beverage that unifies drinkers across oceans. That’s why we’re kicking off the new year with a list of the top 10 beers from around the world: 

10. India: Kingfisher

Kingfisher is truly the king of beers in India, as one of every 3 bottles of beer sold is a variant of this legendary beer brand. Every year, the company hosts the Great Indian October Fest, which offers festival-goers music, food, and of course, endless amounts of Kingfisher beer! Since its inception in 1978, it has broadened into 7 different flavors, each as crisp and delightful as the next. 

9. China: Tsingtao

The inception of China’s ancient brew tells an incredible tale. Served for the first time during a live kung-fu fight, you can be certain that Tsingtao packs a punch. It has been made with the same brewing process since 1903, using fresh spring water from the Laoshan Mountain. This mountain is the same place of origin of the ancient religion Taoism. 

8. Jamaica: Red Stripe

This tropical beer carries its country’s flag much like reggae, combined with surprisingly worldly ingredients. Malted grain from Canada, hops from Yakima Valley in America, and fresh well water from Jamaica make up this Caribbean lager. Its freshness and warmth feel much like the crystal clear beaches of its home country. 

7. Scotland: Brewdog

Best believe that this beer has bark and bite. Made by the same company that broke the world record for the strongest beer ever in 2009, the Brewdog is made to outshine its contenders. Weighing in with a 41% alcohol status, calling this drink a ‘beast’ isn’t just a play on words.

6. Thailand: Singha

A beer with strong cultural ties that you can taste, the Singha is a full-bodied, 100% malted barley beer. Named after a powerful lion found in ancient Thai stories, this drink mirrors the charms and mysteries of Thailand. A sip offers you both modern and exotic flavors. 

Beers From Around the World: A crab emerges its claw from the sand and opens a bottle of Corona Beer on beach.

5. Mexico: Pacifico  

Named after the port city of Mazatlan, it is brewed in, this pilsner-style drink is the definition of a hedonistic beer. It is rich in taste, aroma, and alcohol – it basically smells like a good time. These elements make it the king amongst its Mexican compatriots like Sol, Corona, and Modelo.

4. Vietnam: Hanoi Beer

Crisp, delicious, and inexpensive, Hanoi Beer is the pride of Vietnam’s capital. It invites you with its light golden color and the mild smell of grass and hops. To seal the deal? A hint of citrus tang makes it the ultimate thirst quencher! 

3. Australia: Alpha Plae Ale 

Brewed by Matilda Bay brewing company, this beer is also known as the Amber Nectar. It has won multiple awards, and in 2013 it came first place in the Australian International Beer Awards. Its makers advise that it tastes best when accompanied by steak and caramelized onions.

2. Spain: Estrella Damm

Anyone who knows about good quality beer will recognize Estrella’s royal red packaging and gold star logo. After much praise and recognition as a top-quality beer brand, Estrella’s beer just had to feature on our list! 

1. Argentina: Quilmes

There is no mistaking this excellent beer brand. Often referring to themselves as the ‘Patagonian Cool Beer,’ the crisp and refreshing taste leaves little to argue. One sip of this drink transports you to the glaciers of southern Argentina, where freshwater runs down the many peaks of its mountainous terrain. 

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Add ‘Try New Beers From Around the World to Your New Year’s Resolution

So many new and exciting beers are entering the market every day! And trends for 2023 certainly show that it’s not slowing down anytime soon. We hope this article has inspired you to try something new. Besides, there’s no better time to be adventurous than in the new year! 

You’ve learned a ton about beers from around the world, now what?

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