Do Alcohol And Business Mix? Your Guide Into Alcohol as a Corporate Gift

“Never mix business with pleasure,” is how the old saying goes. And, in most cases, this phrase has proven to be true. But, if said pleasure comes in the form of a bottle of chardonnay, we might just make an exception! Sending alcohol as a corporate gift may seem like a rather tricky arena. But, if you do the research and handle it with care, you can impress any one of your clients, employees, and business partners. 

If you wish to send alcohol as a corporate gift, we won’t lie, you’ll need to pay attention. Alcohol gifts can offend your recipient just as easily as they can delight them. The difference is knowing more about your recipient’s taste, their views on drinking, and perhaps their favorite drink. But we’ll get to that soon enough. Read below as we discuss the best way to send alcohol gifts in business.

Alcohol as a Corporate Gift: Two Business People Sharing a Cocktail together

Is Alcohol an Acceptable Gift in the Corporate Environment?

Alcohol as a corporate gift may be controversial for reasons that aren’t obvious to the sender. It’s easier to present people in our personal lives with alcohol gifts simply because we know more about their personal tastes. However, when it comes to those we know in a professional sphere, we, unfortunately, face the risk of offending them. To get a better understanding of how different alcohol gifts are viewed in the corporate world, we’ve unpacked the 3 main drink categories below:


Due to its close-knit association with the concept of celebration, champagne has long been recognized as a prestigious corporate gift. It is probably the most ‘acceptable’ alcohol gift to send in business! People often send champagne to thank their business partners and clients, celebrate a work milestone, or as Christmas gifts to their employees. With choices ranging from gold embossed bottles to limited edition show-stoppers, champagne remains an elegant option for sending alcohol as a corporate gift.


Fine wine can appeal to many people in the corporate world. It is a classic gift, yet offers a professional and polished look. Most bottles of wine look good enough that they don’t require wrapping or a bow – but it still makes for a nice touch! However, sending wine as a corporate gift may be a lot trickier than gifting it to friends and family. When it comes to wine, different people prefer different styles and flavors. So, it is important to have an idea of what kind of wine your professional acquaintances enjoy.

Whiskey and Spirits

Whiskey is certainly an alcohol gift that stands out from the crowd. If you want to capture your recipient’s attention or leave a lasting impression, sending a rare bottle of whiskey will get the job done. However, it can be a challenge to find a bottle that makes the right statement. When it comes to sending whiskey and any other liquor as a corporate gift, it’s best not to make assumptions, or worse, stereotype your recipient. Hint: not every single Irish person wants a bottle of Guinness.

Alcohol as a Corporate Gift: Up close Glasses of Red Wine with Glasses of White Wine in the background

When to Send Alcohol as a Corporate Gift?

The beauty of alcohol gifts is that they are suitable for almost every occasion. In fact, it is one of the most sophisticated ways to express gratitude or celebrate a milestone in a corporate setting. In other words, alcohol gifts are a crowd-pleaser and will certainly leave your clients, business partners, and employees feel appreciated. But, if you want to find the perfect bottle for your VIP, here are a few helpful tips: 

To Business Associates

Having a good relationship with your business partners and associates is all about creating a connection and doing your best to maintain it. And what better way to do so than with their favorite drink? There are many occasions that could call for sending an alcohol gift to your business partner, including partnership milestones, closing on deals, and simply showing them an appreciation for their contribution to the business. If you have a really close relationship with them, sending a bottle of whiskey for their birthday will also leave a lasting impression.

To Clients

The key to retaining your clients and customers is letting them know that you care about more than just your profits. Of course, you can send them a gift for the holidays or other annual celebrations, but thanking them for their loyalty will make them want to stick around even longer. Send them a surprise gift for simply doing business with you! You can also attract potential clients and keep the new ones interested just by offering them a fine bottle of wine.

To Employees

A study was performed on the long-term effects of employee recognition and 69% of employees said that they would work harder if their efforts were appreciated. These results make it clear that offering employee gifts could be critical to your company’s employee retention and overall success. And while it’s great to send gifts for the holidays or reward your staff for achieving business goals, it’s also important to go beyond that. Offering your team members alcohol gifts is one of the most sophisticated ways to say “thank you” and you don’t need to wait until they get a promotion to do so. 

Sending Alcohol Gifts Internationally: The Dos and Don’ts

Choosing the right corporate gifts for your international business partners and team members may already feel like a challenging task. So, we understand that you may be a bit uncertain when it comes to sending alcohol gifts across the globe. Fortunately, we’ve drawn up a quick list of do’s and don’ts to help you along:

Do’s of Sending Alcohol Gifts Internationally 

  • Learn more about your Vip’s taste in alcohol. This knowledge can help you make your alcohol gift more thoughtful. 
  • Pair your gift with a little something extra. A small complimentary snack or a whiskey glass can really make a difference! 
  • Presentation matters! No matter how pretty the bottle may be, you still want to show your recipient you put in some extra effort. 

Don’ts of Sending Alcohol Gifts Internationally 

  • Although you may have great taste, avoid choosing an alcoholic gift based solely on what you like. Remember that this is about what your recipient is likely to enjoy. 
  • Don’t give into the myth that you need to break your budget in order to impress. The beauty of alcohol gifts is that there’s always a more affordable option that tastes just as good! 
  • An alcohol gift is the kind of gift you need to be at least 99% sure about. Never make assumptions about your recipient’s taste.
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 Alcohol Makes for the Best Corporate Gifts

Controversial views aside, alcohol gifts can leave a lasting impression on your VIPs simply because they enable everyone to share experiences. It’s also the kind of gift that could last quite a long time, allowing your recipient to think of you and your company every time they take a sip! So, go on, send your business partner, clients, and employees their favorite bottle of liquor and experience the opportunities it will bring!

You’ve Learned A Lot About Alcohol Gift Giving Tips! Now What?

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