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Anonymous gift delivery is a rather intriguing phenomenon in the realm of human interaction. It may just be the ultimate form of giving. As it allows the gift-giver to express their genuine care without the need for recognition or reciprocation. This adds a refreshing touch to the already exciting gift-giving experience. And, as experts in anonymous gift delivery, we love guiding our customers through this process! 

People use anonymous gift delivery for many reasons. But, no matter what they may be, we always have one goal: to make it as easy as possible. Read below as we dive into everything you need to know about sending anonymous alcohol gifts. And why Drinkable Gifts is your best international gift delivery solution.  

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Why Would A Gift-Giver Opt for Anonymous Gift Delivery? 

If you’ve never sent anonymous gifts before, you’re probably wondering why anyone would do such a thing. Well, with over 20 years of gift delivery experience, we have come across thousands of cases! Some of our customers wish to express their affection or gratitude discreetly. They want their recipient to enjoy the gift without feeling obligated to reciprocate. Others often use anonymity to create an air of mystery or surprise! This adds an element of excitement to their recipient’s experience. 

A few more reasons may be: 

Wanting to express secret admiration: Sending gifts anonymously can be a way for someone to express romantic or platonic feelings without revealing their identity. It allows them to convey their admiration or affection from a distance. 

Alleviating pressure and expectations: By sending gifts anonymously, the focus remains solely on the recipient. It removes any sense of obligation or expectation to reciprocate, allowing the recipient to enjoy the gift without feeling indebted or burdened.

Offering support and encouragement: Anonymous gift delivery allows the sender to extend kindness and generosity without seeking recognition, providing comfort and motivation to the recipient during challenging times.

Regardless of your reason for sending anonymous gifts, Drinkable Gifts is here to make it the smoothest process ever! 

Perfect Occasions for Sending Anonymous Alcohol Gifts

If you’re contemplating sending an anonymous alcohol gift, there are many factors to consider. The most important one is that you need to be certain your recipient consumes alcohol, as it is, after all, a personal choice. Another factor that may come to mind is when to send an anonymous alcohol gift. We’ve curated a list of occasions below to give you a better idea of when to surprise them: 


If you know someone who enjoys a particular type of alcoholic beverage, sending an anonymous gift on their birthday can be a fun and unexpected surprise. Just make sure they’re of legal drinking age!

Milestones and Achievements 

An anonymous alcohol gift is an exciting way to help them celebrate a noteworthy occasion. This will allow them to indulge in a celebratory drink without feeling obligated to share or reciprocate immediately. 

Weddings and Anniversaries

Send them one of our wedding alcohol gifts as they celebrate their union! This will be a delightful surprise for the newlyweds as weddings can be filled with numerous expected and traditional gifts. So, an anonymous alcohol gift stands out as something unique and memorable! 

To Say “Thank You” 

When you want to express gratitude to someone but prefer to remain anonymous, an alcohol gift can be an elegant choice. It can be a token of appreciation for a favor they’ve done, the support they’ve provided, or simply to acknowledge their presence in your life.

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5 Alcohol Gift Ideas for Anonymous Gift Delivery 

Alcohol gifts are so versatile. And, no, we’re not just saying so because we sell them! Thanks to their long shelf life, alcohol gifts are something your recipient can savor while also serving as a gift they can enjoy at any time. Here are a few alcohol gift ideas you can send anonymously:

Wine Selection 

High-quality wine with a note expressing your best wishes (anonymously, of course) is an elegant gift idea that any recipient will love.  

A Beer Basket

If beer is their thing, give them a taste of everything with a variety of beverages such as IPAs, stouts, and lagers.

Whiskey or Bourbon (if you don’t know the difference, find out here)

Select a premium whiskey or bourbon and pair it with a set of elegant glasses. Whiskey stones or a whiskey-tasting journal could be thoughtful additions! 

DIY Cocktail Kit

The cocktail-lover in your life will adore an anonymous gift package containing all the necessary ingredients to make their go-to cocktail. Add a note encouraging the recipient to indulge in some mixology fun! 

A Gift Card 

Gift cards are one of the most convenient choices for anonymous gifting! Let them choose their own booze with our budget-friendly gift card options

How to Achieve Anonymous Gift Delivery (With the Help of Drinkable Gifts) 

The number one rule to follow when sending an anonymous gift is NEVER mail the gift yourself! Besides the fact that most countries require a return address, you could accidentally give away a few other hints. If the person knows you well enough, they could recognize your handwriting or your gift-wrapping style, for example. 

So, to successfully send an anonymous gift, you need the help of a gift delivery service! And while not every gift service has this option, Drinkable Gifts has helped thousands of people with anonymous gift delivery. If you’ve ever ordered a gift from us, you’ll be happy to know that sending an anonymous gift is pretty similar to placing a regular gift order—with a few differences: 

  • After you’ve selected your gift through our online gift shop, there are two sections that will need your extra attention. 
  • When you get to your greeting card, take care to write a thoughtful message. But, remember not to mention anything that could possibly give you away. If you need help with writing your sentiments while still concealing your identity, one of our gift experts will happily assist you! 
  • This may be obvious, but DO NOT sign the greeting card. 
  • Lastly, in the special comments field, please leave us a note that you wish to send your gift anonymously and do not wish to put your name on the card. 

After these steps, you will complete the ordering process as normal. You will have to provide us with your name, but this is just so we know who to send your gift delivery updates to. But, yes, it’s that easy! 

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Send Anonymous Gifts with Alcohol Today 

When considering sending anonymous alcohol gifts, it is wise to opt for an experienced gift delivery service. Drinkable Gifts offers discreet packaging to maintain the element of surprise while ensuring your gift arrives in perfect condition. We also have the expertise to navigate any legal restrictions or regulations regarding the delivery of alcohol. Reducing the risk of any complications or issues. Give our seamless gift delivery process a try! 

You’ve learned all about Anonymous Gift Delivery; now what?


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