Success Story: Celebrating Great Achievements With Employee Rewards

Building and keeping a quality team is a challenge for any company. A challenge that requires excellent leadership and a quality human resource department. These key players will help you find and train quality members of your team – who will further help your company to grow. Keeping your valuable employees requires a bit more – good work/life balance and robust employee rewards and recognition programs.

Today we’re diving into the story of Nick’s huge accomplishment of sending 268 gifts to 19 countries. Nick has 10 years of experience working in HR. Currently Nick works for a software company based out of the Bay Area. He agreed to answer a few questions about his recent experience sending employee appreciation gifts. Keep reading to shine a light on what it’s really like working with the amazing gift experts at Drinkable Gifts.

Employee Rewards - Colleagues toasting with champagne

What Inspired Employee Gifts

With 10 years of HR experience, Nick knows the value of showing appreciation to employees. The reason Nick reached out to Drinkable Gifts was to do exactly that. The company had reached a large revenue milestone, and leadership decided to say thanks by surprising employees with a thoughtful gift.

What better way to say thank you than with a custom gift set? Nick took advantage of ordering early to work with the Drinkable Gifts team to put together a custom basket of sparking wine and charming engraved glasses. The ideal way to let each and every employee toast to their hard work and success!

Sending Employee Rewards Around the World

Sending custom gifts to 268 different recipients in 19 countries is no small feat. Thankfully that’s exactly the kind of challenge our team has grown to handle – so you can rest at ease. After all was said and done, we asked Nick what he thought about our service, and he had this to say:

“Your service definitely exceeded my expectations. Going into the project I was not sure of how things would turn out given how many gifts we were sending, but I was extremely impressed by how great the service was.

My favorite part of working with Drinkable Gifts was working closely with Cadi. He did an unbelievable job handling our order and making sure to communicate with us every step of the way. This is by far the best customer service I’ve received from any vendor throughout my 10 year career in HR.”

This kind of individual attention to each and every order is what sets the Drinkable Gifts team apart. Our gift experts are trained to work with clients to help them with every step of the process, from gift selection to confirming gift deliveries.

Employee Rewards - champagne and gift
Champagne with gift box on black background. Flat lay style

Celebrating Great Achievements Comes with Great Morale

In Nick’s opinion, the gifts were a rousing success! With employees reporting just how thrilled they were to receive such thoughtful gifts. The engraved glasses delighted the recipients and made a lasting impression.

Setting company goals, and rewarding your team for reaching them, is not only thoughtful – it’s important to company morale. Employees that feel their contributions are noticed and appreciated are more motivated to continue to grow and excel in their roles. If you’re looking to expand your employee rewards program, you can fill out this form. A gift expert will get in touch with you to answer your questions and help you through the process. Or feel free to contact us; our team is standing by 24/7, ready and waiting to help you surprise your colleagues, business partners, and VIPs with quality wine, beer, and liquor gifts.

You’ve read a success story about sending employee rewards – now what?

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