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candied bacon recipes and wine pairings

Bacon & Wine Pairings + Matching Candied Bacon Recipes!

Do you love bacon? How about wine? Then you’re in luck. If you’re ready to combine your favorite tasty treat with a lovely libation, let’s get started. The infographic and pairings chart below are both perfect for you.  We’ve matched the wood used to cure and smoke the bacon, as well as the way it is treated to pair perfectly with a popular varietal of wine. This is to help ensure you have a great match, but there’s bacon it’s already good!

But can it get better?  That depends on if you like to cook or have a friend that does.

Below the bacon and wine pairing charts, you’ll find recipes we’ve perfected to create candy bacon treats that matches each wine perfectly.  We hope you have a ton of fun trying these perfect pairings out. If you do, please share this with a fellow bacon and wine lover.

From Egg Nog to Hard Punch, DrinkableGifts.com Is Helping You Pump Up The Holidays

Liquor Delivery Company offers customers the chance to send their favorite bottles around the world

Pop the cork on the best champagnes to ring in 2019 with DrinkableGifts.com
Pop the cork on the best champagnes to ring in 2019 with DrinkableGifts.com

ARLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Drinkablegifts.com, the world’s premier online beer, wine, and liquor delivery company, has been growing in the online gift industry since it launched last year. The company is proud to announce that it’s still helping customers send premium wine, beer, and spirit gift baskets around the world (wherever local laws allow) for the holidays and will even be open and accepting orders on Christmas day. Deliveries will be happening right up to the last minute, and customers who order last-minute gifts beyond cut-off dates are reassured that their gifts will be scheduled for delivery by New Year.

To prepare for the holiday rush and all the New Year toasts, DrinkableGifts.com listened to their customers and gave them what they wanted most: more. More wine, more beer, more liquor, more champagne, more gift options! The company’s catalog has expanded to include top shelf liquor, imported brews, and a wine collection that would make any connoisseur pause with excitement.

DrinkableGifts.com Delivers Holiday Spirits Around the World

International Beer, Wine, and Liquor Delivery Company Toasts the Holidays with a Cyber Monday Deal

Send beer, wine, and spirits to more than 175 countries with DrinkableGifts.comARLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DrinkableGifts.com, the world’s premier online beer, wine, and liquor delivery company is proud to kick off the holiday season with a Cyber Monday sale worth having a drink for. The exciting liquor gift basket company has already been quick to please customers and make a lasting impression. Eager to keep up that momentum, Drinkable Gifts is taking advantage of Cyber Monday to the fullest by announcing its sales early. On Cyber Monday customers will be able to save $27 USD on any order. That makes reaching for the top shelf bottle even easier! Customers who have been waiting to order a special bottle of someone’s favorite spirit won’t get a better chance than November 26th.

DrinkableGifts.com is also pleased to announce some extra goodies for corporate clients, too. Their bulk order form makes ordering 3 to 300 gifts quick and easy. This year, it’s even better. Customers with bulk orders will enjoy deep discounts based on volume, and we hear a little haggling is encouraged. Customers can look forward to impressing friends, family, or business partners with a wide selection of spirited gifts, even if they’re in other countries.

best christmas bourbon cocktail recipes

Christmas Bourbon Drink Recipes to Make Your Holidays Merry

From alcoholic Christmas drinks or a mocktail that is more family-friendly we have you covered! Nothing keeps cheeks rosy and adults comfy cozy like Christmas cocktails.  And with the rise in popularity of bourbon, there is no shortage of fun and creative Christmas whiskey drink ideas out there.

Below you’ll find some fun Christmas bourbon cocktails that we designed to keep your home feeling warm, festive, and full of holiday “spirits.” Below the infographic, you’ll find printable recipes for each of the drinks if you’d like to save it for later.  You can also print the infographic and hang it by your bar or drink station! This way your guests, visitors, and anyone else can try making their own. …