Best Alcohol Gifts for VIP Clients for Christmas and New Year

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to express gratitude and strengthen business relationships than through thoughtful gifts? In the realm of corporate gifting, VIP clients hold a special place, symbolizing the cornerstone of successful partnerships. Shopping for the best alcohol Christmas gifts, New Year gifts, and other end-of-the-year holiday occasions can be tricky. But you don’t have to navigate this adventure alone!

As we gear up for Christmas and New Year, it’s time to explore unique and sophisticated presents that resonate with the festive spirit. In this blog, we delve into the world of alcohol-themed gifts, aiming to elevate your gift-giving game with the finest selections from Drinkable Gifts. If you’re ready to dive in and finish selecting your holiday gifts, you can skip straight to how to order corporate alcohol gifts here.

Best Alcohol Christmas Gifts Chamapgne

Why Choose Alcohol Gifts for VIP Clients

Alcohol gifts possess an inherent appeal that transcends the ordinary. Whether it’s the allure of fine wine, the robust character of whiskey, or the exotic charm of artisanal spirits, these gifts carry a touch of sophistication. The beauty of alcohol gifts lies in their versatility—each bottle can be personalized to reflect the tastes and preferences of your esteemed clients. Moreover, during the holiday season, the festive nature of alcohol aligns seamlessly with the joyous atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for gifting.

Considerations for Selecting Alcohol Gifts

Finding the best alcohol Christmas gifts for clients, employees, and business associates is tricky, however. You have all the normal considerations of sending personal gifts, with the added need to keep in mind how your gifts reflect upon your company. After all, corporate alcohol gifts are iconic business gestures, but the kind of bottle you send matters.

Budget considerations

Before delving into the world of alcohol gifts, it’s crucial to establish a budget. First, this helps you and your team plan for the impact this budget may have on our quarterly, or annual plans. Second, knowing your total budget, as well as your budget per gift, helps streamline your holiday gift list. Drinkable Gifts offers a diverse range of options, ensuring that there’s something for every price range.

Personalization and customization

The true essence of VIP gifting lies in personalization. Selecting a bottle that reflects the client’s taste or customizing labels adds a thoughtful touch to your gesture. Branded corporate alcohol gifts and gift cards can help your gift stand out far above the rest.

Cultural and dietary considerations

Be mindful of cultural and dietary preferences when choosing alcohol gifts. Opt for kosher, vegan, or gluten-free options to ensure your gift is inclusive.

Presentation and packaging

The first impression matters. Choose gifts that come beautifully packaged, enhancing the overall experience for your VIP clients. Most importantly, make sure that the company knows to balance beauty with function. After all, when sending alcohol gift sets for Christmas, New Year, or any other occasion, you want to be sure every bottle arrives safely and intact.

Now that we’ve discussed more about the kind of things you should consider when picking out corporate holiday gifts, it’s time to dive deeper! Below we’ll talk about the different kinds of Christmas liquor gifts and our favorites in each category.

Never fear! If you’d like to see more options for gifts, we’re happy to help. You can reach out to our experts 24/7 or check out our corporate gift finder tool.

Fine Wine and Champagne for VIP Clients

Indulge your clients in the opulence of fine wine and champagne. From rich reds to delicate sparkling wines, our collection is curated to please the most discerning palates. This is the perfect gift to send as a simple thank you to new clients or to reconnect with old customers.

Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Wine and Champagne for VIP Clients
Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Wine for VIP Clients
Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Champagne for VIP Clients

Whiskey and Scotch Selections

For those who appreciate the complex flavors of aged spirits, explore our curated selection of whiskey and Scotch. These timeless classics make for a memorable and sophisticated gift. A premium bottle of whiskey or scotch is the perfect way to ensure your holiday gift stands out!

Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Whiskey and Scotch Selections
Christmas Whiskey Selections
Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Scotch Selections

Artisanal Spirits and Liqueurs

Step into the world of exotic and artisanal spirits. From unique liqueurs to rare finds, these gifts showcase your commitment to offering a one-of-a-kind experience. When in doubt, crisp vodka or bold tequila are staple spirits in any home bar. Sending a bottle to your recipients is a thoughtful way to ensure they can make their favorite cocktails at home!

Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Artisanal Spirits and Liqueurs
Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Artisanal Spirits
Best alcohol Christmas gifts: Artisanal Liqueurs

Gift Baskets and Sets

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and elegant gift, consider our meticulously crafted gift baskets and sets. Curated with care, these options provide a delightful variety for your VIP clients. By taking the time to send alcohol gift sets for Christmas or New Year, you ensure your recipients have a complete experience. Take care to send extra sweets or snacks they can share with friends and family!

Gift Baskets and Sets
Gift Baskets
Christmas Gift Sets

Tips for Sending the Best Alcohol Christmas Gifts

Almost as important as what you send your clients for the holiday season, is how you send it. In a world where all gifts aren’t created equally, the service you use can set you apart. Take care to pick a vendor you trust, and most importantly, take care to order early, especially during the holiday season.

Timing Your Gift Delivery

Ensure your gifts arrive at the perfect moment. During the peak holiday season (November – January) we recommend customers order 2 or more weeks in advance as delivery spots fill up quickly. You can get a complete idea of the gift delivery timing to different countries here.

Personalized Messages and Notes

Accompany your gifts with heartfelt messages. Personalized notes add a warm touch and show your clients the effort you’ve put into selecting their present. You can make your card even more special by asking to have your company logo added to your card.

Handling Alcohol Gifts Responsibly and Ethically

While alcohol gifts are a symbol of celebration, it’s important to handle them responsibly. As local regulations for each country, and the businesses in that country, differ. Rest assured, when you shop with Drinkable Gifts, we stay on top of each country’s delivery policy for you.

If you are sending your holiday gifts to another office – we highly recommend checking in with their HR Department to see their policy about accepting gifts, especially those with alcohol in them.

Last Call For Tips On Sending The Best Alcohol Christmas Gifts Worldwide

In conclusion, alcohol gifts for VIP clients during Christmas and New Year are not just about the spirits within the bottle; they represent the spirit of your business relationship. By choosing from the exquisite offerings at Drinkable Gifts, you’re not only providing a tasteful experience but also expressing gratitude and appreciation. As you embark on this gifting journey, remember that thoughtful gestures go a long way in building and sustaining strong client relationships. Visit our website, explore the options, and make this holiday season unforgettable for your VIP clients. Cheers to meaningful connections and festive celebrations!

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