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Everything you need to know about Champagne

As a host, the most surefire way to tell your soiree is going strong is that distinctive pop of a champagne cork. It’s the sound of celebration, a mini cherry bomb that signals mirth, merriment, and good times ahead. But, before you lift that glass of bubbly to your lips, read on to find out how to take your shindig-game from sparkling wine novice to champagne connoisseur. Let’s talk about champagne

About Champagne: Glasses of Champagne on gold background with New Year presents

A Spirited Celebration: Cocktails for Christmas and Hanukkah

Eat, drink, and be merry: that’s the motto of the holiday season. Christmas and Hanukkah may be two very different holidays, but they both have one common denominator — celebration! Holidays are occasions for fun and observance, and alcohol plays a big role in the festivities. So, whether you guzzle down the Manischewitz Wine or sip the ole’ Eggnog, we’re here to show you how to booze up the holidays right with these cocktails for Christmas and Hanukkah!

Cocktails for Christmas and Hanukkah

The Secret to a Cool Summer – Frozen Cocktails for Adults

As a child, the start of summer always meant one thing: frozen ice pops! Now that I’m an adult, my love for sweet chilly treats hasn’t changed much, save for one small detail… alcohol.  Whether on the beach or in your own backyard, I’ve found that the best way to beat the summer swelter are frozen cocktails melting in your hand. That first whir of the blender is the classic sound of laid-back days in the sun and fun-filled nights with friends and family. 

But, we didn’t always have ice and blenders, you know. Prior to the 1800s, liquor was typically served tepid. Europeans believed that the warmth of the drink would draw the heat from our bodies and make us cool. However, in 1806, Boston businessman Frederic ‘The Ice King’ Tudor had his own ideas. He concocted the brilliant plan to ship the ice from Massachusetts lakes and rivers to warmer climates, like the Caribbean. Thus, the frozen drink was born.

The first slushy drink was called “The Smash”. A simpler take on the Mint Julep, it incorporates sugar, water, bourbon, and fresh mint served over crushed ice. After making its appearance in the mid-1830s, it peaked in popularity between the 1840s and 1860s. That’s when America’s obsession with frozen cocktails really took off.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Singing Rice Wine’s Praises: The History of Sake in Japan

Have you ever been out with your friends for sushi and been offered a glass of sake? Or wondered about the history of sake? Well, we have, and there’s some questions we’ve decided to answer.  What exactly is sake, and where did it come from? The history of sake is something that has been disputed for centuries. So we decided to dig a little deeper into it and see what we could find out. 

Sake itself is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, traditionally from Japan.  Locally people also know it as nihonshu, which in literal translation means “Japanese Liquor’. In Japan, people drink sake during holidays, special occasions, and formal ceremonies.

People enjoy sake in much the same way they enjoy wine. I can already hear you asking:  isn’t wine technically made from fermented fruit? The answer is, yes, it is, and while rice is certainly NOT a fruit. However, like a wine, you should sip and savor sake, and temperature is everything when it comes to perfecting its flavor. And that leads us back to the questions at hand. What is sake and where did it come from?