Easter Basket Ideas for Young Adults

Yes, Easter basket ideas for young adults are a thing! Gone are the days when this chocolate-filled holiday was only to be enjoyed by the kids. In saying that, many youngins today do not want to spend Easter feasting on bunny-shaped confectionaries. As fellow chocoholics, the shock is mutual! That’s why we’re listing a few of our favorite alcohol gift set alternatives so you can still put a “hop” in your loved ones’ steps for this festive celebration. 

Break away from tradition and surprise the young adults in your life with our exciting and trendy Easter alcohol gift ideas.  

easter basket ideas for young adults

Can You Put Alcohol in an Adult Easter Basket?

Call us biased, but our answer is a big YES. Adding alcohol to their Easter surprise will certainly make your gift stand out amongst a sea of bunny ears and chocolate eggs. Better yet, they can enjoy their chocolate treats with a bottle of their favorite wine or spirit you sent! This brings us to our expertly curated list below; classic alcoholic drinks and their perfect chocolate pairings: 

Pairing Chocolate and Liquor

If you’re short on Easter basket ideas for young adults, this list might give you a head-start! 

Rum – Pair With Milk Chocolate 

Did you know that rich chocolate milk is a natural companion to aged rum? It’s not difficult to find a chocolate that echos similar flavors to this caramel-infused drink. That’s why milk chocolate is its perfect paring! 

Bourbon – Pair With Nutty Chocolate 

For nut-flavored chocolate or with nut-studded confections, whiskey is your best bet—specifically bottles with hints of walnut or almond. 

Gin and Tequila – Pair With White Chocolate 

The floral notes found in these two spirits work well to make the flavor in white chocolate truly shine. 

Vodka – Pair with Fruity Chocolate 

Fruity or fruit-infused chocolate is often dark, and vodka has a lightness that can beautifully carry this rich and intense flavor. 

Want to create your own Easter alcohol gift basket? Explore our custom alcohol gift building options to make a one-of-a-kind gift for your recipient!

easter basket ideas for young adults

Easter Basket Ideas for Young Adults: What Booze to Put in Their Basket 

At DrinkableGifts.com, we offer a stellar range of alcoholic gift sets! Featuring premium wine, craft beers, and champagne, perfectly paired with gourmet treats! Whether you’re hosting an Easter celebration with friends or want to surprise the young adult in your life, our Easter alcohol gifts will make this holiday one to remember! Check out our gift suggestions for Easter below: 

Wine for Easter 

white wine and chocolates easter basket ideas for young adults

White Wine and Chocolates

The White Wine and Chocolates gift set is a delightful choice for young adults. As spring blossoms, the crisp white wine serves as a refreshing accompaniment to their Easter festivities. While the delectable chocolates add a touch of decadence to every sip and bite.

Dows 10 Gift hamper easter basket ideas for young adults

Dows 10 Porto and Sweets Basket

For the young adult who loves celebrating in style, this gift set is perfect for raising a toast. A bottle of Dow’s 10-year-old Tawny Port is paired with gourmet fruit spread and a decadent bar of dark chocolate—promising a mouthwatering Easter experience. 

simply red wine collection easter basket ideas for young adults

Simply Red Wine Collection

If their Easter celebration is a dinner party or evening occasion, then our red wine collection is a gift they’ll truly adore. This set of 4 imported dry red wines pairs perfectly with grilled meats and rich desserts and comes from various locations worldwide. 

Beer for Easter 

guinness beer and treats

Guinness Beer and Gourmet Delights

This beer lover’s dream features 6 Guinness beers, each bottle offering a journey into dark and delightful depths of flavor. Paired with an array of gourmet treats, including crispy chicharrones, a savory cheddar bar, seasoned potato chips, and more! 

world in beer gift basket

World in Beer

With its diverse selection of 12 different beers, ranging from the refreshing Pale Lager from Stella Artois to the rich Porter by Founders Brewing Company, this collection invites you on a journey of taste and discovery. Impress your favorite young adult with World in Beer this Easter Sunday!

Learn more about international beers with our blog about beers from around the world

beer trio easter basket ideas for young adults

Beer Trio

For intimate Easter celebrations with their closest buddies, the Beer Trio gift is the perfect choice to elevate the occasion. Enclosed in a stylish gift box are three carefully selected craft beers and a few savory treats, offering a variety of flavors and profiles to suit every palate. 

Champagne for Easter 

champagne and chocolate ensemble

Champagne and Chocolate Ensemble

This ensemble features Moët & Chandon Champagne paired with decadent dark and milk chocolate caramels, mudpuppies, and more. It offers a tantalizing fusion of flavors and textures, perfect for young adults looking to add a touch of luxury to their Easter celebration. 

classic veuve clicquot

Classic Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

With notes of fresh apple, sweet pear, and tart grapefruit, this iconic champagne adds a touch of sophistication to the Easter festivities. Making it the perfect gift for young adults seeking to indulge in the finer things in life. Explore our range and send Veuve Clicquot gifts this Easter! 

simply white and bubbles

Simply White and Bubbles

Whether shared among friends during Easter celebrations or saved for a special moment of relaxation, this wine duo is sure to be a hit! Inside, discover an effervescent bottle of Italian prosecco and a bottle of refreshing dry red wine. 

Liquor for Easter 

mixed company easter basket ideas for young adults

Mixed Company

Celebrate the art of bringing people together with our Mixed Company alcohol gift set. Let your young recipient melt into the smooth embrace of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey or ignite their spirits with the fiery kick of Jim Beam Bourbon. This duo is the perfect recipe for a whole lot of Easter fun! 

gin and tonic gift set

Gin and Tonic Gift Set

Yes, cocktail lovers can still have their drink of choice during Easter celebrations! Shake things up with our Gin and Tonic Gift Set, the perfect recipe for crafting refreshing cocktails. Inside, your recipient will discover a bottle of fine Beefeater London Gin, the cornerstone of any classic G&T, paired with cans of Schweppes Tonic Water, fresh lemons, and limes. 

time to party

Time to Party

Don’t let the tequila lover in your life miss out on their favorite drink. Tequila and chocolate are a crazy good combo! Our Time to Party gift set proves just that with its high-quality tequila and chocolate treats. 

From trendy gin and tonic sets to stylish champagne and chocolate ensembles, Drinkable Gifts offers a range of options that are sure to impress even the pickiest young person you know. Don’t miss out – order now and treat your young friends to a memorable Easter they’ll cherish for years to come.

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